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The Law Office of Cheddi B. Jagan II is a general practice law firm offering comprehensive transactional, advocacy, counseling and representational services. However, its primary focus, as applied to average, working-class individuals, whom we are primarily concerned with protecting, will be on the following areas of law:


The Law Office of Cheddi B. Jagan II is cognizant of the fact that historically, many Caribbean and West Indian individuals have sought residency and ultimately citizenship in the US for a variety of reasons such as family reunification or better employment—but whatever the reason, your life here in the US is important, and our office is eager to help both arriving and established immigrants find peace of mind and security by stabilizing their legal situation thereby making their transition to the US as smooth as possible in eventual realization of their attainment of US privileges and benefits.


The Law Office of Cheddi B. Jagan II regards the family unit as the single most indispensible cornerstone of life and thus strives arduously to protect the best interests of each individual family member. Although our office seeks to resolve most family disputes through negotiation, conciliation and compromise, it is mindful that in several instances, this is simply not possible - but whatever approach is required, our office is eager to help family members create a legal strategy tailored to their specific needs. 


Whether you are a first time or experienced buyer or seller, The Law Office of Cheddi B. Jagan II is mindful of the uncertainty inherent in the process of purchasing a home or apartment and in other related commercial and residential transactions, including the financial risks, incidental legal liabilities and logistical problems which threaten to derail them - but whatever the concern, our office is committed first and foremost to protecting its prospective clients' financial and legal interests both now and in the future by identifying foreseeable issues that could potentially become problematic and preventing them before they arise through careful analysis of each situation from a business perspective. 


The Law Office of Cheddi B. Jagan II understands and is appreciative of the hard work and dedication that its prospective clients put forth in procuring their estate and valuables, but is cognizant of the potentially adverse consequences that may arise in the event of improper or inadequate estate planning - which is why our office, being acutely sensitized to the delicate and emotional issues presented by ever-changing family dynamics, is dedicated to heightening your understanding of the issues needed to be addressed and implementing a plan that is narrowly tailored to your own particular goals.  


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